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About Us!

Gibson BBQ...

was created by an intense love of Southern Barbeque flavors and styles. 
Born and bred after its founder spent 10 years in West Tennessee, Gibson BBQ is the accumulation of lessons learned from the ‘Fire Loving’ state and the experience of the years to follow, in the quest to perfect the art of the Barbeque.

At Gibson BBQ,  we believe that attention to detail is crucial, from how the meat is laid on the grill to the timing of the smoking and the quality and types of wood we use.  Our team focuses on our house-made dry rubs and sauces, and our famous barbeque sauce offers a unique, sweet hot punch to our perfect, fall-off-the-bone Hickory-smoked ribs. You will not find this anywhere else!

person putting sauce on ribs on the grill

Our love of the South does not just stop at the Barbeque but continues into our Southern Fried Chicken, which led to the creation of our best-selling Nashville Chicken Sandwich.  With so many ways to serve Fried Chicken, our team’s goal was to create a juicy, tender Chicken Breast with a beautiful crispy crust.
If you like Fried Chicken and enjoy a little heat, you will definitely want to try the Hotlanta!  Named after Atlanta Georgia, the birthplace of Fried Chicken, this Sandwich features our Crispy Fried Chicken Breast, tossed in our very own Habanero Heat Hot Sauce and bathed in homemade spices.

spicy fried chicken sandwich topped with coleslaw and fries

We have also paired the Hotlanta with its own special Ranchero dipping sauce to cool things down a bit. With so many options, we have something for almost everyone, because who doesn’t love Fried Chicken!
Every item at Gibson has been carefully curated with only the best ingredients to take our customers on a southern flavor adventure!  We sincerely hope you enjoy our take on what the south has to offer as much as we have enjoyed creating this experience for you!